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3 Days in Athens


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Athens is the capital of Greece and the country’s cultural, political, and economical hub. Birthplace of renowned artists and philosophers throughout antiquity, ancient Greek democracy had a deep influence on the design of other political institutions around the world.

There is no place quite like Athens to dive into Ancient Greece and learn about magnificent temples and imposing buildings that have remained standing for centuries.

Tourism in Athens

Athens was founded over 5,000 years ago and certain of its inhabitants have influenced the development of western culture.

The city’s numerous historic monuments make it a fascinating place to visit for tourists from all over the world. The Parthenon, the Acropolis, and the Ancient Agora are some of the most famous examples of ancient Greek buildings.

Although not all landmarks are beautifully preserved, the sum of them is surprisingly harmonious, a peculiar feature of classic architecture. Visitors will be left breathless and amazed.

Athens has a lot to offer (not only impressive monuments), including an appetizing and varied Mediterranean cuisine. Colorful vegetables, juicy meat, and tasty cheese are only three elements of a long list of varied delicacies prepared in the purest Greek style.

A holiday in Athens is never complete without a day trip to some of its nearby towns and villages.

How to organize your trip?

Before planning your travel, why not learn about the history of Athens and then check out the entry requirements for Greece? Once you know the basic information, then check out the most-visited tourist attractions and museums before booking your hotel and flights.

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Travel in Athens

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