Terms and Conditions

  • I agree that this order is indefinite and I consent to the creation of a mediation agreement
    between you and the prospective tenants.


  • I consent to this order to post texts and photos on his website and in various real estate portals and social networks, printed materials, to promote it to interested parties and his colleagues for the best and most efficient process of selling or renting my property.


  • I assign you to find and indicate interested parties to me your customers or to simply communicate to them the details of my property, for the purpose of renting or the leasing or sale of my property described below.


  • In the event that the rental contract of the above-described property is drawn up

between me and your client or a member of his family, his relatives, associates, partners,
or with a legal entity from which one of them has an interest, or in any other case where
draw up the rental contract following your suggestion, I am obliged to you
I pay your agreed brokerage fee which amounts to 20% on the rental and 2% on the sale of the property.